What will working at ‘Take That’ involve?


There would be a mandatory selection of training:

  • Health and safety
  • Recycling
  • Positive working
  • Introduction to the shop and counter work


They could then choose to develop the following Agored Cymru Accredited skills (or all of them):

  • Customer care skills
  • Money Handling skills
  • Retail skills
  • Communication skills
  • Marketing & publicity skills
  • Additional skills (telephone skills, IT skills, disability awareness etc)


Which young people should participate?


  • Aged between 15-25
  • Have additional learning needs/disengaged in education/challenging behaviour/socially excluded (or at risk of)
  • Would benefit from work place experience


Sound good? Contact us!


Whether you want to participate in the project or volunteer/mentor in our new shop, give us a ring to find out more!


Contact details:

Linda Wellington- Project Coordinator

Telephone: 07521 607200

Email: linda@localaid.co.uk



A new work experience programme funded by ‘ Global's Make Some Noise ‘ specifically designed for young people with addition learning needs whom are traditionally disadvantaged within a work place. They may not have had experience in the work place due to a lack of understanding of their individual needs, a lack of opportunities and/or not having the confidence to get involved.


We are aware of a large number of young people/young adults who would benefit from this project. These individuals often experience a breakdown of their work placements due to a lack of understanding of their learning/behaviour difficulties. We understand that many of these individuals will need one to one support to fully support their needs.


We are hosting work placements for such young adults, age 15 to 25, where they will be supported by paid staff and volunteers.

What is the ‘Take That’ project?

What will the benefits of this programme be?


For the young person:

  • New skills, opportunities and experiences for young people in a live warehouse/retail enviroment
  • Enhance prospects of future employment
  • Gain access to Agored Cymru (OCN) accredited training
  • Build on customer service skills, money handling skills and communication & interpersonal skills
  • Gain an good insight in to the world of work
  • Improved individuals confidence, self belief and wellbeing
  • A safe & fun environment to learn!


For the families / mentors / teachers of the young person:


  • Additional support
  • Developed skills in young person
  • Wider spread disability awareness

Where will the project be held?


Local Aid Charity Shop

70 High Street, Gorseinon

Swansea SA4 4BP
Telephone: 01792 898117


Global’s Make Some Noise helps small charities and projects dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged youngsters living with illness, disablity or lack of opportunity. Global’s Make Some Noise gives charities such as Local Aid a platform to reach an audience of more than 25 million weekly listeners through Global’s radio brands.